Update 1.85

Update 1.85

Greetings Riders! 

Join us in celebrating Rise of Berk’s 10th Anniversary with our latest update! Explore exciting new features including a never-before-seen Dragon Rarity, and bring even more adorableness to your Berk with the addition of Baby Stormfly!

Keep reading for all the details! 

10th Anniversary Gifts:

Log in every day between May 18th and May 24th, 2024, to claim these incredible gifts from your in-game mailbox:

NEW Epic Rarity: 

– Introducing a brand new Dragon Rarity to Berk: Epic Dragons! 

– Featuring formidable gathering rates, a striking black and gold fiery pattern, and a one-of-a-kind Roost!
– Epic Dragons are Unique and can only be acquired once per species.
– Rescue the first 3 Epic dragons in the following game modes:


  • Nightmare Tyrant (Epic Monstrous Nightmare)
    • Toothless and Light Fury Exploration – Level 175
  • Fireworm Empress (Epic Fireworm Queen)
    • Collector Level 7
  • Novatail (Epic Singetail)
    • Ascension Portal (Unlocked at Meade Hall Level 10)

New Flock – Celebrethren:

Unique Baby Stormfly (Long Live Berk Grand Premium Exclusive) 

Limited Deathly Galeslash – Festival Roilwing (Long Live Berk Seasonal Exclusive) 

Limited Abomibumble – Simmering Slugger  (Long Live Berk Seasonal Exclusive) 

NEW Costume:

Rise of Berk 10th Anniversary Costume (Long Live Berk Seasonal Exclusive) 

NEW Decorations:

The Flower Cellar and Sheepwreck (Long Live Berk Seasonal Exclusive) 

NEW Collector Levels:

  • Level 5: Limited Sandbuster Duneworm
  • Level 6: Limited Dragon Pack
  • Level 7: Epic Fireworm Empress

Bug Fixes, Rebalancing and Technical Updates:

  • Note that Support for iOS 12.5.7 and under, and Android 6.0.1 and under have been discontinued with update 1.85.x. Please make sure to update your Operating Software if you are no longer able to install the new update.
  • Added Custom Sounds for the following Species:
    • Abomibumble
    • Baby Toothless
    • Ghastly Zapplejack
    • Deathly Galeslash
    • Baby Light Fury
    • Voltknapper
    • Ridgesnipper
    • Baby Barf & Belch
    • Deathburple
    • Thunderbottom
  • Rebalanced the cost and increased the Minimum Level to Gather Iron for some dragons. This change was made to avoid having some dragons gather Iron for 30 consecutive days between Level 90 to 110. 
    • Furnace (lvl 112)
    • Boulderbrute (lvl 112)
    • Ghostglow (lvl 100)
    • Dronkeys (lvl 100)
    • Solar Flare (lvl 112)
    • Incognito (lvl 112)
    • Ruffnut’s Trancemare (lvl 112)
    • Viggo’s Flightmare (lvl 95)
    • Trailtwister (lvl 112)
    • Sweet Wraith (lvl 112)
  • Fixed fact that the “Collect” button was sometimes missing from some of the Seasonal Collections interface preventing players from claiming their Runes.
  • Fixed crash on game launch for players that have not played Rise of Berk since 2018.
  • Removed the Collectibles Pack from Odin’s Market to prevent freeze issues affecting several players. The pack will be added back later when a solution is found for this problem.
  • Other minor bug fixes and game stability optimization.

Known Issue:

  • Epic Roosts are shown on Berk for Titan Dragons that are Premium Rarity and Stoker (such as Munchaser, Infernier and Royal Fireworm). This will be corrected in the next update.