Update 1.83

Update 1.83

Greetings Riders! 

With this new update, Berk is full of Dragon eggs in anticipation of Eggfest! Visit the Season Hub to access the NEW Seasonal Collections mode. This update also brings a NEW Max Level for Dragons and Buildings! 

Keep reading for all the details! 

Seasonal Collections

  • Rescue dragons and discover decorations, costumes, and amber statues to complete Seasonal Collections.
  • New themed Seasonal Collections will appear each season.
  • Completing a collection rewards you with precious runes!
  • Don’t worry, collections remain accessible after a Season ends, and your progress will be saved. However, your chances of finding the needed dragons and decorations are limited until the season starts again the following year. 


  • Access a Collection to mark your latest rescued dragon and decoration as “found”! 
  • Each discovered item will reward you with Runes or Amber!
  • Gather all the items to receive a Runes upon completion! 

Collector Level

  • With each completed Collection, you will increase your Collector Level gauge. 
  • Unlock Dragon Eggs, Card Packs, and Exclusive Rewards as you progress further as a Collector!  

Max Building and Dragon Level Increase

  • Great Forge Level 8
    • Unlocks with 100 Dragons at Level 125
  • Yak Farm Level 2
    • 200 Vikings
      • Max Viking Population:
      • 11K
  • Iron Storage Level 17
    • Max Capacity: 55K Iron
  • Fish Basin Level 5:
    • Max Fish Capacity: 3G
  • Wood Stack Level 5:
    • Max Wood Capacity: 3G
  • Dome Academy Level 4
    • Max Dragon Level 180

NEW Species

Deathburple (Grand Premium Exclusive) 

New Flock (Cracked Crew) 

Scramblescout (Easter Seasonal Exclusive) 

Sludgeskulker (Collector Level Exclusive) 

Defender Snow Wraith (Defender Collection) 

NEW Costume

Hidden World Armor Meatlug (Easter Seasonal Exclusive) 

NEW Amber Statue

Tide Glider (Easter Seasonal Exclusive) 

NEW Decorations

 (Easter Seasonal Exclusive)