Release Notes 1.75

Release Notes 1.75

Anniversary celebrations have begun on Berk! Celebrate with NEW Dragons, NEW Costumes for Toothless & Light Fury, and bug fixes!

Keep reading for all the details!   

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NEW Dragon Flock 

NEW Costumes

Anniversary Toothless


  • 25% Increased chance of finding Eggs in Exploration
  • Increase in Wood and Fish found in Exploration
  • Cost: 12 000 Runes 

Anniversary Light Fury 


  • 25% Decrease in Exploration time
  • 25% Increased chance of finding Runes in Exploration
  • Cost: 12 000 Runes 


  • Explore with Toothless or Light Fury at level 166 to find the Mist Twister. 


  • Season Pass:
    • Fixed issues with the extra slot from Grand Alpha Premium, causing it not to work occasionally. 
  • Berk:
    • Dragons from the last 8 Updates can now be purchased with Runes in the Book of Dragons.
    • Fixed the classes in the Book of Dragons for Gembreaker, Mist Twister, and Devilish Dervish Dragons.
    • Fixed Mist Twister flying upside down.
    • Fixed Cavern Crasher size inconsistencies 
    • Fixed Gembreaker baby size being too small in the Hangar.
    • Fixed roost clipping issue for Silkspanner species.
    • Fixed missing stats for Moonshock Dragon.
  • Ascension Chamber:
    • Fixed occasional freeze in Ascension Chamber Tutorial.
  • General:
    • Fixed cut-off text in Spanish and French.

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you encounter any issues. Make sure to include your game support key.