Release Notes – 1.73

Release Notes – 1.73

Berk is full of Dragon eggs in anticipation of Eggfest! Soon you’ll have more ways to obtain Seasonal Exclusives with the NEW Grand Alpha Premium Season Pass. This update will also have NEW Dragons and NEW Decorations. 

Keep reading for all the details! 


NEW Grand Alpha Premium Season Pass 

    • Obtain even MORE exclusive Seasonal content. 
    • Gain an extra Academy Training Slot during the Season.
    • Obtain a free Fast Pass to help you get further in the Season (this can only be used once and cannot be used if you already purchased a fast pass from the Seasonal Market) 
    • Receive a Seasonal Currency Card Pack when purchasing the Grand Alpha Premium Pass. 
    • Gain access to exclusive extra nodes upon completing the pass.
    • The Grand Premium Pass will be available for purchase for US$40. 
      • If you have already purchased the Alpha Pass, an upgrade to the Grand Alpha Premium can be purchased for an additional US$29.99. 
    • Note: this will not impact or change the current free Season Pass or Alpha Season Pass; the Grand Premium Pass is only an additional opportunity to unlock more content. As well as a way to gain a discount on the Alpha Pass, Fast Pass, and Seasonal Currency Pack.


NEW Species: Devilish Dervish 

NEW Dragon Flock 

NEW Baby Dart Statue

EXCLUSIVE to Grand Alpha Premium players 

NEW Seasonal Decorations 



Note: Please contact our support staff at if you encounter any issues. Make sure to include your game support key.